new smartphones coming out 2016

There’s no denying that 2015 has been the year of redefinition as far as smartphones go. It has been the year when Samsung overhauled an old polycarbonate and matte finish design and replaced it with more premium-looking glass and aluminium sandwich. The same year has seen the South Korean giants LG become a force to reckon with after they followed a superior G3 with an equally better G4. Apple, on the other hand, continues to push boundaries with the recently unveiled iPhone 6S. But what does 2016 hold? Let’s take a look.

Smartphones coming out 2016: The LG G5

It’s no secret that the G4 occupies a special slot in 2015’s top shelf phones. And if the current release rumors are anything to go by, then it seems as if LG has a new trick up its sleeve in the name of the all-new G5. Although the exact release date is largely unknown, the latest LG powerhouse will pack a host of the latest smartphone specs in the 21st century. This includes a 5.5 2K HD display bolstered by the same Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection, a terrific 2.1GHz Hexacore CPU emanating from a Snapdragon 808 chip. We are also expecting LG to stick to their predominant traditional thin bezel design language.

On that note, expectations are high that LG might actually release two flagships next year; the LG G5 and the LG G5 Pro. How that turns out remains to be seen.

Smartphones coming out 2016: The Samsung Galaxy S7

It’s without a doubt that the S6 Galaxy lineup has turned a lot of heads and made countless people gasp this year, thanks to its unibody zero-bezel design. And it is also very likely that the S7 will take up from its current predecessor that has already sold over 50 million units. As far as powering this speed giant goes, Samsung has maintained that it will stick with the same native Exynos 7 processor whose performance so far has been remarkable to a fault.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 will also feature a better Super AMOLED screen mostly with a 4K resolution and an improved 20.7MP camera to match. Speaking of the display, early rumours suggest that the newest Galaxy of the century will feature a turtle glass shatterproof protection as opposed to traditional Gorilla glass sheath on previous Galaxy phones.

Smartphones coming out 2016: The iPhone 7

Apple and iOS lovers are already looking forward to a brand new device from Apple even though the current iPhone 6S is barely a few weeks old. And as usual, Apple rarely disappoints. If the current trends are anything to be relied upon, the iPhone 7 will rock an iris scanner, a superior 1080p retina display, improved internals and most importantly a 16MP Ultra 4K Camera.

Design wise, the September 2016 smartphone will probably feature a new industrial design. Now given that the current iPhones have less than 4.7-inch screens we expect Apple will finally step up and join the predominant 5.0 inches bracket next year. And unlike the current iPhones, the next year’s design will utilize a glass-on-glass backlighting with an edge-to-edge display.

Other heavyweights that will be competing for your dollars next year include; the HTC M10, the Lumia 950/940/1030, the Sony Xperia Z6, to mention just but a few. Ahoy…the future is here!