Best Upcoming smartphones 2016


2015 is going towards the end. Now people are expecting some new and advanced technologies from some reputed brand smartphones. Though the year 2015 has not discouraged the customers in terms of communication and technology field and offered many good services, but much more are expected from them in the coming year and we believe that some of the expectations will be met. And the procedure has started with the announcement of some new models from the reputed brands of this industry and people are anxiously waiting for the new arrivals. Hopefully, all the models will satisfy the customers with better and developed technology.

It is expected that iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5, Xiaomi Mi6, HTC One M10, Lumia 950 will be launched in the upcoming year. Even before the launch, people have started comparing the features, prices and availability of the products to know which is best smartphone. Though it will be too early give any opinion before the launch, but here are the details of all the smartphones that can help you to know more about the products before the arrival.

Apple iPhone 7

new smartphone releases 2016 iphone 7
iPhone 7 is expected to launch on September 2016. As it is the product of the Apple we anticipate some developed features, efficiency and some unique qualities from this new device. Apple might think to make it thinner like other products. There are some rumors about the design and features of this smartphone such as it might come with 4.7 to 5.5 inches, glass-on- glass touch panels, and edge-to-edge display. It is also believed that the iPhone 7 will also adopt the Force Technology. These are all the rumors and Apple has not confirmed anything about the features. But we can trust the rumors since all the rumors have come from the reliable sources. To get more details, we will have to wait till the launch of this upcoming smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 release date in US
Nothing much can be predicted about the Samsung Galaxy S7 since Galaxy S6 from Samsung has entered the market in the year 2015. We can expect that Samsung S7 will come with more features and easy accessibility. Rumors are coming that this new model will come with curved screens and flexible displays. We can also expect that Galaxy S7 will be a new version of Galaxy S6 and will come with more or less with similar features. Galaxy S6 has a good edge and it has got much appreciation and hopefully the upcoming will come with the same edge with a little difference. People are also expecting that Samsung will focus on VR in this model. Samsung products are not cheaper. Though it is hard to expect a cheaper price from Samsung but still hopefully it will consider the price while launching the new model. What we expect from this new model is a good design, advanced features, dust and waterproof ability and more importantly an affordable price. All the features of the Samsung S7 will be uncovered on February 1996, after the launch.


Coming soon in 2016: LG G5
People are expecting some good features from the LG G5 since it is the product of the LG and LG has a good reputation of offering products with good qualities and better features. The rumor is that LG G5 will come with an upgraded security system, good memory, battery life and with so many other features. And this new model will come up with wireless charging technology, 4K display, 3D Camera, Octa-core processor, bigger screen, and 20- Mp Camera. So we can expect something new and unique from this new model of LG. it is also expected that this model will focus more on the interface with LG smart matches. Though nothing has confirmed from the LG, but hopefully it will meet most of the expectations of the people. All other features will be unveiled on June 2016 after the launch of LG G5.

Xiaomi Mi 6

New smartphone releases 2016 Xiaomi Mi6
Xiaomi Mi6 will be launched in 2016 with many developed features and with a less price in comparison to other products of this industry. Xiaomi, once limited to the Asian market and now the third leading smartphone brand will introduce a new model into the world market. It is expected that this model will be launched first in the USA and the Canada. The best thing of this new model is that it is affordable and will easily come in the budget. There is a rumor that the product will come with developed features to compete with other brands of this industry. The expected features of the Xiaomi Mi6 are a processor, display, camera, screen and so many other things. The details of the Xiaomi Mi 6 will be revealed soon after the launch in 2016.

HTC One M10

new smartphone releases 2016 htc m10
HTC has not achieved that success and name in this industry, but if you are a fan of Android smartphone, you must have heard about the about the HTC One M Series. HTC One M10 will be the new entry in this series and will be launched anytime in early 2016. Nothing much is expected from this model, but hopefully it will meet the requirements of the people and will be able to successfully compete with the other products of this category. The rumor is that The HTC One M10 will come with some developed features with a thinner frame and with a company logo on the front panel. Some other features of this product are a processor, 4GB RAM, Dual-SIM support, 5 inches display and so many others.

Microsoft Lumia 950

Microsoft Lumia 950
The Microsoft Lumia 950 will be one of the first Windows phones who will run Window 10 while launching. The features of this product are still unknown and Microsoft is silent about all these and we only expect that all the features will be uncovered with the launch on October 2016. When it comes to price it might be similar to Lumia 930. Some of the expected features of this new model are wireless charging, MP4/H.264 / WMA Player, Document Viewer, 15 GB cloud cover, video and photo editor, Active noise cancelation, and so many others.

All these products are not launched yet. So we cannot make a comparison about the features and utilities of these smartphone and cannot determine which is best smartphone. To know more and to get a clear idea about the functioning and features of these smartphones we will have to wait till the release period of these new models.