Choosing the Top T Mobile New Smartphones 2016


For those who love having the latest and greatest phone on the market, 2016 is just a couple of months away. With this said, if you are a T Mobile customer, what are the top T Mobile new smartphones 2016 to consider? Like other top companies, T Mobile is a leader in introducing the biggest names in phones, and latest design features. So, these are a few of the top models for you to consider, when time comes for you to upgrade to your new phone in a short period of time.

T Mobile new smartphones 2016: iPhone 7

Good smartphone 2016: iPhone 6
Yes, the 6S was just released; but, Apple is never satisfied. The iPhone 7 is set to hit the market mid to late 2016. For those who are looking forward to it (who isn’t?) there are only a few specs which are known to date. It will be available in 3 colors, feature a 5.5” touch screen, is set to be 6.9 mm thick which is the thinnest model to date. The use of aluminum , ceramic, and glass, allowed the developing team to create the thinner frame, without compromising on quality and durability. It is also going to be the first smartphone with Digital Crown. The new app will have a touch ID sensor with the home button; new sensors are said to capture gestures and hand movements easily.

T Mobile new smartphones 2016: Fire

t mobile new smartphones 2016 fire
It was the first smartphone designed by Amazon a couple years ago, and although the initial model didn’t do so well, they are hoping to change that with T Mobile (and other carriers) next year. With responsive and polished CNC buttons, simple touch commands are seamless for owners. Gorilla glass screen is scratch, dent, ding, and water resistant. You can take it anywhere and do anything without worrying about damage. Adrenno 330 graphics processor, with dolby digital plus processing are going to make recording, watching, and capturing video a cinch. A 13 MP camera will deliver sharp, vibrant pictures. It is also said to be the only smartphone with dynamic perspective, meaning it will respond to you moving it.

T Mobile new smartphones 2016: LG G5

LG G5 upcoming 2016
With release anticipated for early 2016 it is one of the most anticipated phones for 2016, namely for gaming enthusiasts. An all metal design, a rear power button, and a single touch biometric finger scanner, ensures you are the only one who has access to your phone in the event it is lost or stolen. The phone’s edges will be used to provide you with notifications, and a 20 MP camera is far superior to most other phones on the market. A snapdragon 820 processor is set to be faster than previous models, a 4K screen with 801 pixels per sq/in, 5.5” (anticipated) screen size, and greater battery life, are a few of the phone’s features you can look forward to.

Regardless of which phone you like, which brand manufacturer you want to own, or what your budget is, these are some of the top T Mobile new smartphones 2016 to look forward to. With new features, functions, and continual design upgrades being thought up, only time will tell what these phones actually look like, and are capable of, when they are finally released.