Good smartphones 2016


While mobile phone manufacturers are tilting towards a light and thin chassis, it takes more than just a hunch to select the best Smartphone in the market today. With an assortment of brands and models flooding the market, you need an honest and detailed review of the best Smartphones to inform your next purchase. Aware of the dilemma that awaits Smartphone enthusiasts, this post comes as a complete guide, highlighting some of the phones that are deemed to be a hit in 2016.

iPhone 6

Good smartphone 2016: iPhone 6Apple forked its iPhone product line in 2014 by launching the next generation of its flagship model- the iPhone 6. Featuring soft, rounded corners and defined by a curved glass screen, there is nothing smarter, thinner and larger than this gadget when it comes to Smartphones produced by Apple.

The Smartphone delivers a crisp 4.7-inch screen which melds smartly into the trendy metal body. Versatility is provided in terms of color, not forgetting the 16,64 and 128 GB internal storage capacities. With the iOS being ranked among the top-notch mobile phone operating systems due to its excellent ecosystem of apps, functionality is never a concern with this Smartphone.

To ease the use of iPhone 6 especially with one hand, Apple came up with a double tap home button gesture which is popularly identified as Reachability. It swiftly moves items from the top to the bottom of your screen, making it very easy to use the phone while carrying out other activities. Precise specs which make this phone unique include:

  • WiFi calling support
  • Retina HD display
  • 64-bit A8 chip
  • M8 Motion Coprocessor
  • 8-Megapixels front camera
  • Voice over LTE
  • 1 GB RAM

Nexus 6

good smartphone 2016 nexus 6
At a whopping 5.96 inches screen size, this phone boasts of a nearly bezel-free display. Nexus 6 has this unique Snapdragon 805 processor, an extraordinary 3GB RAM and an excellent battery life serving you almost all day regardless of how active you are.

It is a phablet-sized Smartphone, the first of its kind to run on Android 5.0 lollipop. The phone parades a colorful material design interface. The Snapdragon processor allows this phone to move seamlessly between apps, a reason why it is considered efficient and highly functional.

You never encounter any other sloped Smartphone, with contoured sides running as thin as 0.15 inches and as thick as 0.39 inches. The phone is further defined by an edge-to-edge display, which means there are no physical buttons on the gadget.

Other specs include:

  • 5.96 inches display
  • Android v5.0 lollipop operating system
  • 13 MP primary camera
  • 24-hour talk time battery

Samsung Galaxy S6

good smartphone 2016 samsung galaxy s6
Samsung galaxy S6 was launched alongside the galaxy S6 EDGE, an essentially identical phone with advanced display technology and a unique curved design on the two longer sides. Galaxy S6 is a fantastic android handset, with a decent display and the best battery life in the Smartphone industry.

Featuring a sleek profile and excellent contouring, the phone will sit perfectly on your hand and in your pocket, eliciting a true definition of class. Available in four touching color schemes, the 6.8 mm thick handset is super light to carry around. With this sleek design, however, it does not support an SD card and besides, you will not be able to detach the battery for whatever reason.

The phone makes use of a 5.1-inch QHD panel, a stunning screen where colors are precise and images vibrant. With a panel that surpasses that of Galaxy Note 4, this is a true testimony of the effort that Samsung has devoted towards producing gadgets with exceptional display features.

It runs on the Android lollipop operating system, with Samsung tying its software smoothly with this world-beating operating system form Google. Offering quick fingerprint access as one f its features, you will not only use this feature to unlock your phone but also log in to platforms such as Google’s Play Store.

Like all the other specs that define this phone, Samsung has pulled zero punches in terms of this phone’s power unit. It is made of the insanely powerful 64-bit 14nm OctaCore Exynos CPU, coupled with 3GB RAM. Despite the omission of SD card support, this phone is outfitted with three distinct storage versions-32, 64 and 128 GB.

Nothing will beat this phone’s pedigree when it comes to imaging technology. The primary camera rates to 16MP, backed up with a wider aperture and optical image stabilization for better and stiller shots regardless of the setting.


good smartphone 2016 lg g4
LG G4 handset stands out as one of the most compelling packages that have ever been produced by this company. LG has got the colors right when it comes to G4, available with a brown leather case which complements the matt-silver rear controls.

The Smartphone is defined by an elaborate 5.5-inch display which dictates the overall handling experience. If you understand LG’s penchant for slim bezels especially on the sides, you will perhaps understand why this is a pretty narrow device. It is relatively taller compared to its predecessor but the subtle curve cleverly mitigates this feature, giving the phone an immersive quality.

LG G4 measure 9.8mm at its thickest point, with its display featuring a unique Quantum Dot Technology which accounts for the improved color gamut.

Performance is a key feature in this phone’s design, thanks to the 1.8 GHz hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor. However, this is considered a step back considering the processors that define high-end phones such as Nexus 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6. Even so, is backed up with 3 GB of RAM and the Adreno 428 GPU.

Other specs include:

  • 16 MP primary camera
  • Android Lollipop 5.0 operating system
  • 32 GB internal memory
  • 19.6 hours battery talk time

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

good smartphone samsung galaxy note 4
Thanks to an eye-popping vibrant display and an excellent 16MP camera, Samsung’s galaxy note 4 is more than an ordinary Smartphone. This phone has been up against the likes of iPhone 6 plus, Nexus 6 and Huawei Ascend Mate 7, outsmarting them in terms of a hefty display resolution boost.

Improving on its previous iterations, Samsung has enhanced this device especially in terms of design. Thanks to the metal rim surrounding the handset, note 4 has a superb premium finish. The removable plastic cover has a more premium feel too, especially now that it has a leather effect finish.

The left side of the home button features a multi-tasking key while to the right side rests the back key. Unless these two keys are illuminated by the backlight, their hidden nature produces a clean finish on this handset’s front phase.

A 16MP primary camera backed up with a LED flash will allow you to take still and clear photos regardless of the setting, not forgetting a sizable 3220mAh battery that supports you for an extended period of time.

A giant 5.7 inch display notwithstanding, a number of users have loved this device because of its stylus skills. Running on the Android 4.4 KitKat operating system, you will be able to customize a lot more features such as motion control and one-handed operations.

Its precise specifications include:

  • An advanced S pen for enhanced digital writing
  • 5.7 inch display
  • 16 MP camera
  • Optical image stabilization
  • 6.2 ounces total weight
  • 551 ppi pixel density
  • Android 4.4 KitKat OS

Huawei P8

good smartphone 2016 huawei ascend p8
A proud successor to the Huawei Ascend P7, this gadget has a slim profile that has informed a greater proportion of its premium feel. Very few Smartphones can beat Huawei P8’s octaCore processor , 3 GB RAM and affordability.

It feels and looks more expensive than what it is actually retailing at, making it a great bargain for someone who does not have all it takes to get the likes of iPhone 6 plus. Sleek and elegant in design, you will be amazed by the softly textured metal back which takes closely after the iPhone 5.

The volume and power buttons on the right hand side are the only visible keys on this gadget, allowing room for a clean and descent front finish. It beats the galaxy S6 in terms of display, featuring a 5.2-inch full HD display, one of the finest that you will encounter in a phone.

The primary camera is a 13MP spectacle that dives to bed with the likes of Sony Xperia in terms of clarity and stillness of images. Combined with an extended battery life, this phone comes as a handy companion especially when you are away from the power grid for a long time.

Other specs include:

  • 2680mAh battery
  • Android v5.0 Lollipop operating system
  • 16/64 GB internal storage
  • 13MP autofocus primary camera
  • 5.2-inch capacitive touch screen
  • Conclusively, there is a large assortment of Smartphones in the market today, differing from design to functionality and style. With such a review of the top gadgets that are expected to make a big sale, all you need to consider is personal preference and budget limits in order to get a phone that clearly defines your style.