HTC one M10 rumor, release date

There can be no doubt that HTC have managed to really create a name for themselves in the smartphone industry as they are not only innovative with the technology, but they also tend to produce smartphones that are rather cool to look at. This means that people tend to get rather excited at the prospect of the news of a brand new model hitting the stores from this company and as of right now the main focus is on what we can perhaps expect with the HTC One M10.

Now, we have to be honest here in this review and say that we did not exactly love the M9 as it was a bit of a let down and this is not just us stating this because even HTC themselves admit that it did not come up to their own high expectation levels. Indeed, they even pulled it from sale in some countries and offered up their humble apologies as it never managed to reach the same heights as previous models and it is possible that this is the reason why we are still hanging around waiting for the official launch of the M10. There is absolutely no way that they want to be seen to make the same mistakes again, hence them taking more time to make sure that this model is perfect in every conceivable way.

What To Expect from new HTC One M10

What To Expect from new HTC One M10

So, what can we expect when it comes to the features of the HTC One M10? Well, there are a number of rumours going around regarding this model and perhaps the biggest change is that they are lining up to feature wireless charging. This is going to be in line with various Samsung models, but there is one potential issue and that issue surrounds the metal casing. Metal is known to not work very well with wireless charging, so it does open up the possibility of a change in design to accommodate this upgrade. Just as an aside, the battery is anticipated to be a 3500mAh, so it should have a pretty good lifespan without the need to constantly worry about the battery draining due to the various features.
Another area where there are various stories is with the power aspect. It is anticipated that it will have a Snapdragon 820 processor so it will be capable of really packing a punch. This processor is reported to be 35% faster and also far more efficient when it comes to power usage and this should resolve a major issue that people had with the M9 which was seen as being far too sluggish. If we stick with the power for one more second, it is expected that it will come with 4GB of RAM, so it does seem that they are trying to tie it in with the Samsung Galaxy S6.

The Screen

HTC One M10 display and camera

Moving onto another key aspect of the phone, the screen. Now, with a phone of this quality it is now pretty much standard in the industry for it to have a QHD screen to give increased clarity and this model is no exception. We believe that it will have a 6 inch screen with a resolution of 1440×2560, so the display aspect is going to be greatly improved from the M9.
While we are talking about the screen, there are also strong rumours that this phone will come with a fingerprint recognition device for added security, so that is going to be built into the touch screen and it does tend to mean that it is going to be ultra clear to pick up those tiny details. This is very cool indeed and there is no doubt that it will help with the security side of things as well.

The Camera

There is no doubt that the smartphone has taken away so much of the market from the digital camera due to the quality of the cameras that are now built into the phones. With the HTC One M10, you are looking at two cameras with a 20.7MP on the rear and a front facing 5MP and this, yet again, pushes it right up there with some of the best smartphones on the market. Just an added bit of news for those readers that really understand cameras, the rear facing version will also come with a f/1.9 aperture sensor.

Storage Space

Considering how we do pretty much everything with our smartphones, we do need the M10 to come with a substantial amount of storage. Now, at this moment in time we are unsure if it will have a MicroSD slot, but we do know that there will be two versions available with a 64GB storage option along with 128GB. For us, this should be more than adequate for most people as this is standard for these types of phones.

The Operating System

Finally, the operating system. Considering the release date is apparently not going to be until some time in 2016, and more of that later, we can safely say that it will come with the Android 6.0 Marshmallow system. This does mean that it will have the latest security and performance features as well as being ready made for the Google Pay system which is going to be really taking off.

HTC One M10: The Release Date In The US

HTC One M10 features, release date in US

We just mentioned how we are not expecting the release of this phone until 2016 and there are a few reasons for that. First, they have been dragging things out and it is believed that is due to them wanting to get everything correct at the first time of asking. Secondly, we are getting closer and closer to the end of the year and there have still not been any official dates from HTC. Finally, we can look at when they have launched previous models to see their preferred time of year and what we see if that they do like to release phones around the end of the first quarter of the year, so that undoubtedly puts us into 2016.

The Price

This is not going to be a cheap phone and indeed even though no official figures have been released, it is anticipated by those in the know that you are looking at around the $700 mark. The reason is simple. This is a phone that has a number of the latest features and technology and it is going to be one of their flagship models, so clearly they are going to add a premium to it. However, we will just have to wait and see what the final price is when HTC officially release it.

Our Conclusion

So, what can we conclude about this phone? Well, we can conclude these following points.
1. It is going to be far superior to the M9.
2. It will have a Snapdragon 820 processor, which is faster and more reliable.
3. It will have the latest screen technology and will be one inch bigger than the M9.
4. It will have two cameras with a 20.7MP on the rear and 5MP on the front.
5. It will have wireless charging for its 3,500mAh battery.
6. It will allow you to use your fingerprints for added security.
7. It will be waterproof.
8. It will probably be released in March 2016 as that is when HTC tend to launch phones.
9. It will probably cost around $700.

Overall, this is a phone that certainly sounds as if it will be worth the wait as it is clear that HTC have decided to take their time and avoid making the same mistakes as they did with the M9. That phone was a major disappointment and there is no way that they can disappoint with this phone and from the sounds of it there is no chance of that happening.