Coming soon in 2016: LG G5

Although the LG G4 got most things right, a couple of serious missteps, together with some minor niggles meant that it could not reach the heights that most of us had hoped it would.

But the good news is that 2016 is around the corner and that gives the Korean-based technology giants a chance to put things right and come up with a Smartphone we know it is very well capable of.

Just as was the case with G4, LG does not seem least bit interested in following the glass and metal bodies norm, instead choosing leather and plastic on its flagship Smartphone. But this is just a tip of the iceberg. Below, we discuss the rumors, release date, features and key specs of the upcoming LG G5 Smartphone.

LG G5 Rumors on Expected Upgrades

Iris Scanner

The biggest LG G5 rumor so far is the fact that it has an iris scanner. If this is true, then upcoming G5 will be able to recognize you by your eyes.

Iris scanners were bound to start being seen in Smartphones and it is a bold move by LG to pioneer this technology. In the past LG hasn’t quite shied away from being the first to do certain things, a fact that lends credence to the possibility of LG G5 actually packing this tech.

Supposedly, the Korean tech giants are keen to make the scanner work at a 50 cm distance and not the 30 cm range that the technology currently uses.

Bigger screen

LG G5 upcoming 2016Another rumor that’s been doing rounds is about LG G5 having a bigger screen. Experts believe that LG could slightly push the screen size of LG 5 to 5.6 inches. Many are even speculating that the Smartphone will come with a 4K resolution. LG are following in the footsteps of other phone companies that are readying themselves for 2016 releases. But it is a costly affair to have such a high resolution on a small screen. Thus, this is a rumor we will believe only when it comes to pass.

Fingerprint scanner

Although several Smartphone manufacturers are incorporating fingerprint scanners which LG has thus far resisted, this could be about to change.

LG4 already has a single button at the back which is actually crying out for a fingerprint scanner. Changing this button into a one touch biometric scanner appears like the most obvious decision. In fact, it would give the yet-to-be released LG G5 an additional useful feature. The rumor about fingerprint scanner is more realistic, and we think is a safer choice.

LG G5 design

It’s true that LG G4’s appearance was not universally appealing but the company is known to adapt its products to meet market demands, which is why experts are expecting to see a couple of improvements in terms of the design of upcoming LG G5.

Experts are speculating that the company will drop its use of plastic as no major Smartphone manufacturer uses plastic for the high-end phones. Also, talk is rife that the latest LG phone will come with a curved screen.

Bigger battery

LG G4 has a 3000mAh battery. There are rumors pointing to the fact that the LG G5 will have 4000mAh or even a larger capacity. In our view, this is a bit overblown. What we expect is that the company will maintain the removable nature of its battery as well as the wireless charging system.

Also, speculation is rife that the G5 will feature the latest fast charging system from Qualcomm which implies that the G5 could charge battery a lot faster, one hour to be precise.

Faster Camera

LG G5 cameraAlthough LG G4 has a massively impressive camera, it is not among the fastest cameras to launch. The camera should boot in just 0.6 seconds if the icon is tapped but when the volume button is used to launch the phone by double tapping it when it’s a sleep, it shouldn’t take more than 2 seconds to boot.

Although this is barely slow, it can be just long enough to miss perfect time that you require to get a shot. Hopefully, the company will speed up the process on the G5.

LG G5 Release Date and Price

There is a strong indication that the G5 will be released in March 2016, and that it will go on sale on May the same year. This is in keeping with the company’s tradition of announcing every new release in the spring.

It is expected that the G5 will start being sold in several larger Asian markets in the beginning of June. The US markets should start selling the flagship phone by mid June with Europe markets starting to sell by end June. Should the release dates remain unchanged, the G5 presales should begin roughly 2 weeks prior to official release date.

As to the price, the cost of G4 was only slightly more compared to that of its predecessor, the G3. Going by this trend, the G5 should not cost significantly more than what G4 costs $630.

LG G5 rumored features

The LG G4 was short on many important functions such as a type C USB port and fingerprint unlocking. It is speculated that these features could be included in LG G5.

Talk that the company will incorporate an iris scanner in LG G5 caused great excitement. It’s even been suggested that LG has been working with Irience, a biometric company, to make the scanning function a possibility in the first quarter of 2016. The suggestions are that the technology might be ready just in time for G5.

If these rumors are anything to go by, this could be yet another important feature that will surely set the company apart from the competition. It would be a big achievement for the company to introduce an iris scanner at a time when most companies were struggling to introduce fingerprint scanners. This is according to many news outlets in major Asian publications.


LG G5 is rumored to be coming out in 2016 and many people expect that it will make up for the short falls of the G4. Although it is still many months before the actual release, there are rumors of what it might look like. The design is great, better battery life and a sleeker performance. That is the long and the short of it.