coming soon 2016 Xiaomi Mi6

The year 2015 has been an exciting one for smartphones. Among the top devices released this year include the Galaxy 6 Edge+, OnePlus 2 and the iPhone 6S (and 6S Plus). These have unveiled elegant designs, amazing specs and lots of breathtaking features. With the Google Nexus 5 and Lumia 940 still awaiting release, the excitement of 2015 isn’t quite done yet.

Even then, now is the perfect time to look at the next-gen smartphones coming up in 2016. The web is already abuzz with rumors about some sensational smartphone features we shall see in the coming year. The best way to find out about these features is by considering the devices scheduled to arrive in 2016. The most highly anticipated devices coming in the next year are the following:

Coming soon in 2016: Apple iPhone 7

coming soon 2016: iPhone 7
Even though the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus have barely hit the market, attention is already turning to their successor. Speculation is that the iPhone 7 may feature the most radical revamp of the iconic smartphone to date. Here are is the info which is swirling around so far:

Release Date

The iPhone 7 is expected to follow the iPhone’s one-year cycle. Given that the iPhone 6 was released on Sept 9th, 2014 and the 6S was released on Sept 9th, 2015; the iPhone 7 should be unveiled on Sept 9th, 2016.

However, Apple has a penchant for releasing devices on Tuesdays. Sept 9th, will be a Friday. As such, the iPhone 7 is most likely to be unveiled on either Sept 6th or 13th, 2016. It will hit the stores within 3 weeks of its unveiling.


The web is abuzz with speculations about what the iPhone 7 will contain. Here are the top picks swirling about in tech circles.

  • The iPhone 7 will feature the Apple A10 processor, and its embedded M10 motion co-processor.
  • The device will have a minimum of 2GB memory. This is what the S6 currently has. Any improvement will be a bonus.
  • It will come with the usual internal memory options i.e. 16, 64 and 128 GB
  • It will feature a new ultra-thin design. The speculation is that the iPhone 7 will be between 6.0 and 6.5mm wide. This will make it the thinnest iPhone ever.
  • It will have a larger screen display. The display will have super-sensitive technology which will enable the Touch ID fingerprint sensor to be implemented allover the screen. This will make it possible to eliminate the iconic Home button.
  • It may have a new OS (iOS X), an improved camera, a sideways display, waterproof technology and a reversible USB charger.


The last two releases of the iPhone have come at the same price. It is expected that the iPhone 7 will keep up this trajectory. As such, its pricing will be $749, $849 and $949 for 16GB, 64GB and 128GB of internal memory, respectively.

Coming soon in 2016: Samsung Galaxy S7

Coming soon in 2016 Samsung galaxy s7
2015 will perhaps go down as the year when the Samsung Galaxy finally caught up with the iPhone. This year has seen three Galaxy upgrades i.e. the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge +. Each has inched closer to the iPhone. Some even claim that the Galaxy 6 Edge+ pips the iPhone 6.

Given that the iPhone 6S (and 6S Plus) were recently unveiled, Samsung is likely to keep pressure on its major rival. For this, it will have to unleash the next generation in the Galaxy Series i.e. the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Release Date

The two previous versions of the Galaxy S (i.e. the S5 and S6) have been unveiled during the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC). The S5 was launched during the MWC 2014, and the S6 launched during the MWC 2015. Given this trajectory, we can expect the S7 to be unveiled at MWC 2016, which runs from Feb 22nd to 25th, 2016.

Specs / Features

Here are some of the features expected in the Galaxy 7S. Most of these are speculative. Samsung hasn’t officially released details about 7S yet:

  • It will have at least 3GB of RAM. Some claim that it will have 4GB RAM. Others, basing on Samsung’s release of the first DRAM chip (which can support up to 6GB RAM), claim that the RAM may go up to 6GB
  • It will have a 64 bit processor. The exact processor is still subject of speculation. Some sources claim that it will run on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 processor – with clock speeds of up to 3GHz.
  • Others claim that it will run on Samsung’s own 64bit Exynos – with clock speeds of up to3.5GHz.
  • It will have internal memory of 32, 64 and 128GB
  • It will run on the Android 6 Marshmallow (this is certain)
  • It will boast of a 30MP camera, 4K display (super amoled aka UHD display), 5G network connection, waterproof technology and Infrared sensors.


At the least, the Galaxy 7S will cost as much as the Galaxy 6S. If the expected 4K display is included, then it might hike the price. So, at a minimum, the phone will cost $650 to $700.

Coming soon in 2016: LG G5

Coming soon in 2016: LG G5
Unlike LG’s previous high-end smartphone models, the G4 wasn’t well received. What put most people off was G4’s underwhelming (check, ridiculous) design. As such, LG has a lot to prove in its next iteration, the G5. All indications point to the company revving up to charm the market with its new device.

Release Date

There is no clear indication about when the LG G5 will hit the market. However, all indications point to a possible release in Spring 2016.

Specs / Features

There isn’t any information out there about the G5’s specs. However, here is the news swirling about the phone are the following:

  • A new design. Given how poorly the G4’s design was received (the leather was especially criticized), indications point to the G5’s design being radically different. There are speculations that the G5 will have a curved screen design.
  • A metallic casing. LG’s insistence on using plastic for its high-end phones has baffled many critics. No other high-end phones are cased in plastic. There is speculation that in the G5, the company will ditch its plastic casing for a metallic one.
  • An improved camera? The G4’s camera was one of the outstanding features on the phone. Its 16 MP, large f/1.8 aperture and laser autofocus made it almost perfect. At a minimum, the G5 is expected to maintain this camera. Any improvement will be a bonus.
  • LG’s removable battery and button on the back (similar to the G4) are likely to remain in the G5
  • The G5 will probably have certain key features which were missing in the G4 i.e. a type C USB port and fingerprint unlocking. There are speculations that the phone may feature an iris scanner.


At a minimum, the G5 will probably cost as much as the G4. However, over the past years, every version of the G Series has been slightly costlier than its predecessor. As such, the G5 may cost between $550 and $600.

Coming soon in 2016: Xiaomi Mi6

coming soon 2016 Xiaomi Mi6
Ever since it first entered the scene in 2010, Xiaomi has been steadily increasing its profile. Its Mi Series has been renowned for striking a fine balance between great features and affordable pricing. The company is now considered the third-largest smartphone manufacturer. Its uniqueness is that it has been focusing exclusively on the Chinese market.

With the Mi6, this is likely to change. For the first time ever, the smartphone is going to be marketed beyond china. So, what can we expect from Xiaomi’s expansion beyond China?

Release Date

Speculation is that the Xiaomi Mi6 will be released in China in June 2016. This will be followed by releases in Asian countries Japan, India, Singapore and Thailand. Only then will the smartphones be released in the US, UK and other European countries. The time scale from its unveiling China to its arrival in the US may be anywhere between 3 and 6 weeks.

Specs / Features

There has been a steady trickle of tidbits about what to expect in the Xiaomi’s flagship phone. Its main specs and features are the following:

  • It will have a 4K display which is slightly bigger than the Mi5. Its display will have a resolution of 4096 by 2160 and a 700 ppi
  • It will run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-core processor. This will give it speeds of up to 2.7 GHz
  • It will have memory options of 16, 32, 64 and 128 GB. Some rumors claim that it will have a separate memory slot with an upgrade capacity of up to 256GB
  • It will have a fingerprint scanner (just like the Mi5), a retina scanner, an improved camera (7MP front and 23MP back) and wireless charging capability.


The Xiaomi Mi6 is rumored to cost around $399.

Coming soon in 2016: HTC One M10

coming soon 2016 htc one-m10
Ever since the release of the HTC One M9, there has been plenty of speculation about its successor. News has been trickling in about the M10 – which is expected to capitalize on the success of the M9. Here’s what is buzzing so far:

Release Date

Earlier speculations had placed the release date of the M10 at December 2015. However, it is almost certain that the device won’t appear until early 2016. The speculative period set is in March 2016.


The HTC One M10 is widely believed to possess the following specifications and features.

  • It will run on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon octa-core processor – with speeds of up to 2.7GHz.
  • It will have 4GB RAM
  • It will have internal memories of 64 and 128 GB
  • It will have a 27MP camera with phase detection auto-focus technology
  • It will be waterproof and dustproof
  • It will security Touch ID scanner, a heat sensor and two stereo speakers


The HTC One M10 will cost between $650 and $800.

Watch This Space

In a nutshell, those are the top smartphones we expect to see in 2016. We are closely tracking each of these devices. As long as any news, info and gossip, we shall bring it right here.
Therefore, to keep in the loop with the latest info on the top smartphones in 2016, watch this space!