The best smartphone of 2016 in usa

As 2015 starts to wind down, people are generating a lot of buzz around what’s in store for the best smartphones of 2016 USA. Among the top contenders are the Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone 7, and the LG G5, just to name a few. With advanced computing powers approaching the capabilities of some of the best computers in the world just a decade ago, although in much smaller packages, it’s no wonder people want the latest technologically advanced model they can possibly get.

Here’s the highly anticipated list of the hottest technology you can expect for the 2016 smartphone lineup.

1. iPhone 7

Apple’s iPhone 7 continues to rest on the leading edge in terms of smartphone technology. Compared to the new Galaxy S7, the iPhone 7 is thought to be somewhat under-performing; basically due to the fact that its processor only has four cores. Also, this model will only offer a 20/2 megapixel camera back/front combo that appears to be a far stretch from Samsung’s 30/10 combo. Even though Samsung may have won the pixel war, iPhone nevertheless is bragging about its integrated projector that will enable users to watch their favorite movies on virtually any flat surface.

2. Samsung Galaxy S7

Once the Galaxy S6 was released, especially the EDGE, Samsung made no bones about the path they wanted to follow for any of their future smartphone releases. It’s anticipated that the Galaxy S7 will boast an attractive curve-shaped OLED 4k display that has a 5 gigabyte memory; powered by a 2.9-gHz octacore chip. This feature alone should give any user more computing capability than they’ll ever actually need.

Also, the Galaxy S7’s 30/10 megapixel camera back/front combo will surely please both enthusiasts and amateur photographers alike. Its stellar 4000 mAh long-life battery offers plenty of juice in order to last the entire day. The latest Galaxy S also sports shockproof sensors, a dust- and water-proof full metal body, and a cutting-edge fingerprint scanner for even greater security and protection. Overall, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is no doubt one of the leading frontrunners of the 2016 smartphone lineup that’s worth a second glance.

3. LG G5

Not to be outdone by either the iPhone 7 or the Galaxy S7, the LG G5 is trying to shatter the Samsung/Apple duopoly. In fact, over the last few years, LG has produced some truly innovative and amazing devices. LG will release its G5 model in 2016, equipped with a 4k sapphire-colored screen as well as a spec sheet that’s quite comparable to Galaxy’s S7.

Although still higher than the iPhone 7, LG chose to downgrade their camera combo to just 23/5 megapixel in addition to using a 3D and optical image stabilization feature. LG likely needs to drive home this unique selling point to its potential customers.

Virtually every smartphone manufacturer thinks their cutting-edge devices are the best and can do the most. However, more than just the fundamental computing aspect of a smartphone, many people want them to look as good as they function. In the eyes of some users, the quality and attractive factor of the handset can mean the difference between buying or moving on to something more aesthetically appealing. As a result, smartphones not only have to be ‘smart’, they also have to look good while they’re doing it.