Top 6 Best Smartphones For Seniors and Elderly 2016

Most smartphone manufacturers have shifted their primary focus to coming up with cell phones that suit younger generation. This leaves the senior generation, who don’t have guts to grasp on technology to handle one. At the same time, finding a decent smartphone that is user-friendly isn’t as easy as it was, as major smartphone manufacturers are targeting young people because they’re the majority. But worry no more if you’re an elderly looking for an ideal phone that suits you as this piece of writing will highlight the best smartphone for senior 2016. The list is based on several factors such as ease of use, readability, high volume, and flashlight.

iPhone 6 Plus

With an improved camera, iPhone 6 Plus has been seen as a perfect smartphone with superb quality as opposed to previous versions of Apple phones. Its ability to suit well in low light photo performances has given it an upper hand over its competitors. It has a much higher processor running iOS 8. It has a screen display of 5.5” that is perfect for seniors with fading eyesight because of its adjustable background light and larger field of view. It produces high and fine-tuned sound, suitable for folks with hearing problems as they’ll be able to hear the phone any time it rings. The ability to recover the phone once lost is also a factor that suits the seniors. Once registered, this phone can be tracked and can be found in case it has been lost. It uses GSM SIM and can be used on any network that allows GSM SIM.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Best Smartphones for Seniors and Elderly 2016 Samsung Galaxy S4
The Galaxy smartphones have taken the market with a storm having revolutionized the phone industry with amazing smartphones that have premium features: fast processor, excellent graphics, and incredible sound. One of the smartphones in galaxy series that has combined all these factors is Galaxy S4. The 5″ screen display coupled with excellent graphics provide a more than enough display for seniors having a declining eyesight power. The graphics make everything clearer. Its internal storage of 32 GB provides ample space for accommodating many e-books, pictures, music and much more. These save seniors the hassle of having to cope up with very small micro SD cards just because there isn’t enough space in the phone. Although there are newer versions in Galaxy series such as Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6, Galaxy S4 is the most ideal phone for seniors, and more so, it’s relatively cheaper.

Nokia Lumia 1520

With a screen that is anti-glare, it makes it easier to read in areas having excessive sunlight or intense lighting. It boasts a screen display of 6″ making it much easier for the elderly and seniors as they can be able to see everything clearly. With an excellent camera that have dual flash, as well as its ability to produce high sound, makes this phone an indisputable choice for the elderly. By having a screen that fights glare, Nokia Lumia 1520 is the perfect fit for seniors with troubled eyesight, especially on screens having too much reflections.

Samsung Galaxy Note II

This phone appeals to the elderly because it comes with a stylus. A stylus offers a more accurate way to control touchscreen smartphones than using fingertips. Samsung Galaxy Note II lies between a smartphone and a phablet as it has 5.5” display. Being an older version of Galaxy Note series, it would cost less than newer versions of Note model from Samsung. Galaxy Note II comes with an easy mode feature that makes it easier for the folks to navigate through the features they frequently use such as internet, contacts, text messaging, or applications of their choice.

HTC One Mini

Although it has a screen size of 4.3 inches, HTC One Mini has a loud sound that defies its “mini” name. The screen size is not small, but as compared to other phones in this list, it the smallest, but it’ll still offer a big display. It has a duo core processor thereby giving it significant speeds, and it also accommodate a flashlight.

LG G2 Verizon

This phone comes with a 5.2-inch screen and is fitted with one of the best processors. It boasts of premium features that give it incredible performance. These features include an auto focus on the camera with a flash, quad core processor and other great features. It’s not a slippery phone as it is comfortable to hold, a factor that most seniors would prefer. It’s big display is a plus, and all its premium features are perfect for any elderly person.

The bottom line

The above list of smartphone for senior 2016 is better for the folks than the old flip or straight phones or that have big buttons. Many seniors have been able to adapt to the new smartphones with more complex new technology and designs.