best smartphone for games 2016

For those searching the market for a new gaming smartphone in 2016, which is the best gaming smartphone 2016 for you to invest in? With rumors of the new iPhone 7 dropping in the coming year, the highly touted Samsung Galaxy S7, and the LG G5 all being top contenders, which one is right for you? These are a few specs for the true gamer out there, who is looking for speed, precision, quality graphics, and memory to play high data usage games on the go.

Gaming smartphone 2016: The LG G5

LG has a huge lineup of gaming friendly phones, and high performance output for gamers everywhere. With this said, its no wonder the latest G5 model is a top option for gaming. According to smartphone rumors 2016, some of the features this phone will include are:

  • It is fully equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-Core 2.9 GHz processor (i.e, you can play even high end, fast paced games smoothly on the phone).
  • The 5.6” quad HD 4 K display provides stunning graphics and vibrant colors on screen.
  • It features either: 16, 32, or 64 GB of internal memory which can be expanded up to 128 GB allowing gamers to enjoy full paced action and to download/store several games on their phone without slowing down performance.

If this isn’t enough for gamers, it also features an extremely powerful battery life with a 4100 mAh battery allowing you to play for a longer time, without worrying about the screen resolution becoming weaker as you play. All in all the gaming smartphone features a variety of distinct characteristics which will make it one of the top options for gaming enthusiasts to consider purchasing.

Gaming smartphone 2016: The Samsung Galaxy S7

A second option to consider for gaming is the Galaxy S7 model. If you have gotten a hold of the current S6 model, you already know that this phone is the gamer’s dream come true. And, according to rumors for the upcoming 2016 model, it is going to feature an updated, faster processor at 3.5 GHz Exynos processor. This means any game you play will run smoothly and at incredible speeds.

It also boasts 4 GB of built in RAM meaning even high-end gamers will never have to worry about lagging speeds, or your game freezing while you are in the middle of fast-paced action. The phone is slated to feature a 4 K, 5.5” display screen giving all games a stunning view, brighter resolution, and optimal color disparity when gaming on or offline. Throw in waterproof technology and you have one of the best phones on the market (not just the best gaming phone). So, you can play while taking a dip in the pool and never worry about damaging your phone.

Gaming smartphone 2016: The iPhone 7

Apple always throws out new products which are big sellers on the market and with the rumors of the iPhone 7 hitting the market in 2016, this should also be a top choice for gamers to consider. It is expected to come in 2 different screen sizes, will feature a faster processor speed, and is slated to feature an entirely new body design.

Although not many details have been given on the phone which is set to launch in September of 2016, there have been design features which were leaked by the Asian supply chain. Some of these details included:

  • The phone will feature a glass-on-glass touch panel.
  • It will potentially feature edge to edge display.
  • The phone is set to be a thinner model (closer in thickness to the iPad models which is about 6.1 mm, as opposed to 6.9 mm with current iPhone models).

Force touch technology will also be present as is the case with the latest models of the iPhone 6 and 6S models. It is extremely early on in the production phase, and for this reason we will have to wait several months until additional design, features, and processor rate information is released. With this said, the iPhone is always a top contender, and should be a top option for gamers in 2016 as well.

Gaming smartphone 2016: The HTC One M10

Although these are the top three phones, there is an underdog model in HTC which has emerged as a top gaming phone for 2016 as well. The M10 is set to provide:

  • It will feature the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 812 processor, which operates at a clock rate of 3.5 GHz.
  • It features 4 GB of RAM helping to run games full speed, without the possibility of lagging.
  • The 3400 mAh battery can be charged via wireless technology. You never have to remain put while playing, and can play on the go with this unique feature.

With these limited phone features, you can see why the M10 is a great option for the gaming enthusiast as well. Whether you play fast-paced RPG, or high-end, graphic heavy games, you won’t have any issues when operating with this speedy processor, and the quality graphics which are in place on this new phone being launched in 2016.

Which model is right for you?

best smartphone for games 2016-2This is truly a personal matter for each gamer. For those who prefer the Android operating system, the leader seems to be the S7 model by Samsung, especially with what we have seen from the current S6 model dropped by the company. But, both the HTC M10 and LG G5 have quite a few distinct features which makes them a phone model to consider when choosing your new gaming phone in the coming year. Of course for the Apple enthusiast, and consumer who buys all things Apple, the iPhone 7 model is probably going to go through several major changes and design updates prior to release. So you always have this to look forward to.

Regardless of which of these phones you ultimately choose for your gaming excursions, you are sure to be pleased with the features, with the speed, and with the high end-graphics, allowing you to play at full speed, and optimal resolution. Ultimately the choice will come down to brand loyalty, speeds, and of course your budget (even though all phones are going to run at the higher price end). Up to date these are the top contenders for gaming phones in 2016.